I’m just sayin’…

Let me preface this post with the gentle warning that I don’t have unlimited texting on my cell phone plan.   🙂

This morning I received a text from a dear young pal who seems to prefer to communicate ONLY via texting.  Thankfully, she’s not yet old enough to drive.   She and I  WILL cover that whole NO- texting-while- driving issue soon though.

Back to today’s text from her –  she closed her message to me with the initials CUATU.


Rather than texting her back to ask, I looked it up.   It means  “See you around the universe.” Who knew?

I knew BFF, LOL, BRB, GR8T and a few others.  Some of this new texting lingo is leaving me in the dust though.   So much shorthand to learn – so little cell airtime.

How about you?  What new texting shorthand has left you amazed, delighted or befuddled ?