they were right

They told me so.

They were right.

I won’t even go into who “they” are – that’s not the point.  The point is, EVERYONE in my life who has ever suggested that I get more organized – THEY WERE RIGHT.

I’m not saying I was a complete slob, but I did once find my remote control in my freezer – wrapped in aluminum foil even. clutter-control_full_article_vertical2 So let’s just say I was order-impaired.

Not now though.   The short story of how all this happened began last year when I chose my “word for the year” – RELEASE.   Over the year I set small goals for myself to clear out, clean and let go of what was no longer needed.  This lead to some dear friends volunteering to help me organize what was left.   I’m talking closets, cupboards, the laundry room and even my studio.  It’s amazing!

I know where things are.   I even put the things  BACK where they belong.

I know what I have.   So I’m no longer spending money unnecessarily.  Gotta love that!

I even found some of those little colored flags to organize files.  Who knew?   I haven’t used them yet, though.  This IS a process after all, but hey, so far so good.

Yep, they were right.

Where are you with the clutter in your life?